New Build

Reluctantly we have to announce that the plans for the construction of a permanent café at Mounstfield Park are, perhaps unsurprisingly, very much on hold.

After discussions with Lewisham Council it became apparent that a café build was no longer feasible in the short term largely due to the changes and challenges in the recent economic climate.

We are very proud of the designs made in collaboration with Foster Perpatidou and we really hope we can make it work in the future.  We believe the park would benefit greatly from a permanent café, not least in the winter, and we will continue to explore ways to try to make it work.

In the meantime we remain very much open and are glad to be serving you great coffees and bagels daily.

Here are some early visuals of our design concept.  To keep informed of build developments and ways of participating in this project please opt in to the newsletter via our contact form.